The Program Director Oversees program design and implementation to ensure achievement of annual goals. Ensures collaboration and alignment with other internal departments and advocates for support from community partners from a variety of sectors and communities throughout Yavapai County. Supervise and lead Program Staff supporting a positive culture based on trust and professionalism. Contribute to achieving agency goals as set forth in the Strategic Plan.

• Accountable for program performance and National Affiliation expectations
• Monitors operational effectiveness using work flow, tracking systems and Dashboards (i.e. Matchforce)
• Gathers accurate information for reports, tracks performance & develops measures to ensure program quality and growth
• Minimize risk and meet annual agency program goals
• Communicates to ED and Board of Directors on matters of program effectiveness, youth outcomes and child safety
• Establishes and ensures a system for quality assurance and youth protection
• Drives implementation of programs designed to increase and strengthen Big and Little match relationships and youth development
• Manages critical service and workflow issues that are impacting the ability to provide quality services
• Implements new program initiatives to expand mentoring services or target community issues as directed or needed
• Develops and maintains positive working relationships with community stakeholders to educate them regarding the needs of youth and the outcomes of mentoring as well as the agency’s mission
• Works with recruitment/marketing and fund development departments to ensure an on-going supply of targeted and quality volunteer candidates and resources to support agency programs
• Works with Development Department to provide oversight and data collection and financial reporting requirements for all public and private Program Related grants
• Ensures that all systems required to track and report on program functions due to grant requirements are established and maintained as needed
• Staff liaison for Program, Quality Assurance and Audit Committees

• Leads communications within program department
• Supports efforts related to service delivery and customer service to enhance program implementation, communicate policy and assure compliance
• Supervises and works with Program Manager to hire, engages develops and hold staff accountable to work efficiently and effectively and to achieve individual and team goals while complying with local polices and national standards of practice
• Establishes and ensures a system and culture of continuous staff learning, development and succession planning
• Responsible for maintaining Minimum Standards as set by BBBSA as well as local policies
• Ensures agency develops and maintains an organized, customer-centric service delivery model, (outreach, customer service, enrollment, and match support) reviews and updates as needed
• Develops and enhances the agency’s outreach efforts to ensure that the agency’s image, mission, values, and advocacy for children and youth are properly communicated to people throughout the service area
• Carries a Caseload if needed (see Match Advisor Job description) and other duties as assigned
• Surfaces "best practices" that can be integrated into nationwide models for replication and investments
• Ability to represent agency at local, regional or national level
• Direct day to day program activities to ensure that all services provided by the agency are delivered in accordance with board approved policies and required procedures to protect the well being of all children entrusted to our care and maximize the benefits of the adult/child relationships created and supported by the agency
• Supervise the volunteer recruitment, enrollment and screening process
• Responsible for approval of all volunteers in Matchforce
• Drive, measure, report and evaluate program performance against program goals
• Evaluate, suggest and implement strategies to improve efficiency and effectiveness throughout Program including staff performances, technology and support for staff related issues

MUST meet one of the following in accordance with BBBSA standards for education:

A high school diploma/GED equivalent and meet one of the following criteria:

  • A documented bachelor’s degree, from an accredited college or university, in a field that is determined by the agency to be appropriate for the position, or candidates shall be within six months of degree completion;
  • A documented associate degree or two years of higher education experience, from an accredited college or university in a field that is determined by the agency appropriate for the position and two years of relevant work experience in related fields such as social work, counseling, social services, child development, or other related fields as defined by the agency; or
  • Four years of relevant work experience in related fields, such as social work, counseling, social services, child development, or other related fields as defined by the agency.

We look forward to reviewing your qualifications! Please send your resume to [email protected]