Child of the Week: Nico

NicoWSNico is well-spoken in English, not too bad in Italian, thanks to his grandparents in Italy, and is learning Spanish, which has many words similar to Italian. He says that’s not surprising because the latter two both are Romance languages. His vocabulary may not be typical of most just-turned-13-year-olds, but many of his other activities are. Nico played defense on an undefeated flag football team last season, and can sink a basket, too. He looks forward to playing again for his school team as an eighth-grader this fall.

In the summer heat, the new teenager is obsessed with his indoor computer games. He really likes Minecraft when he can be his ultra-competitive self online in a multi-player game. But he wouldn’t mind a swim to cool down.

Nico, who lives with his mom and two younger sisters in Prescott, describes himself as a very serious person. A Big Brother could further encourage his creative side. Nico likes to make swords from wood, and without directions he has constructed both a Lego pirate ship and an island set, complete with a trap door to its dungeon. Nico and his Big could discuss his rather extensive travels, with a lengthy tour of the East Coast and multiple trips to Italy, or hike the trails and create their own adventures.

Anyone interested in being a Big to Nico or another child can call 928-778-5135, or if you can’t be a Big, how about supporting a Big? The Arizona State Tax Credit is one way to do so.

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