Child of the Week: Constance

ConstanceWSConstance aspires to be an astronaut for NASA and told her mom she would take her into space someday. At barely 12, Constance has time to do a lot of her favorite things before then. Delving into fantasy through her art – whether it be painting with oil pastels or modeling in clay or papier mâchѐ – watching anime or playing video games, she has plenty of interests she would love to share with a new Big Sister. Her current Big is getting married (Constance is in the wedding party) and won’t be able to continue the relationship as is, although they will stay in touch.

The two have enjoyed wonderful experiences, including building forts and tree houses, discovering a cave with pictographs on its walls, sleepovers, baking pizza-sized cookies, and even kayaking. Constance prefers not to kayak again, however.

With her mom and older sister and brother, Constance lives in Yavapai County, closer to Chino Valley but with a Prescott address, so she will start seventh grade in Prescott this fall. Family difficulties prompted her mom years ago to register the three youngsters for Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, and while Constance’s brother’s match since has ended, her sister’s relationship with a Big is going on eight years. Constance’s match began as a school match with an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, but became much more, and she hopes for another stellar pairing. Her grandfather, who was like a father to her, passed away in February, and now, with her Big leaving, and Constance about to enter junior high, a Big Sister’s presence is more important than ever.

Constance says the first book she ever read was Roald Dahl’s BFG (Big Friendly Giant), and perhaps a Big will go see the movie with her. She really likes music, and used to play the cello but isn’t sure she wants to join choir, even though she loves to sing. Just not in front of people, she says. A Big Sister could help her become more comfortable with that.

She also is really good with dogs and cats. Maybe a Big who has seen Dr. Who can appreciate why Constance says her cat Shaden, because he moves so quickly and quietly, must utilize his own TARDIS (time machine), just like in the film.

Anyone interested in being a Big to Constance or another child, or in referring a potential Little, can call Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-778-5135, or if you can’t be a Big, how about supporting a Big? The Arizona State Tax Credit is one way to do so. YBBBS always can use volunteer office help and has other ways people can be involved, as well. Go ahead – pick up the phone and call today.

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