Child of the Week: Augie

Did you know that nationaAugiefulll research verifies positive relationships between Littles and their Bigs have a direct impact on that child’s life? Research shows children in Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters are 46% less likely to use drugs, 52% less likely to skip school, and 27% less likely to begin using alcohol than their peers, even those not facing adversity. You can help contribute to these impactful statistics by becoming a Big today!

Meet Augie, an enthusiastic and lively 10 year. He lives in a busy household with his mother, four siblings, grandmother, and cousin. Augie is excited to have a Big Brother he can spend individual time with. Augie needs a positive male role model that is patient and high energy.

Augie struggles in school with sitting still and paying attention. He enjoys school and learning new things. Augie is making good grades and states he likes all of his classes. He loves sports, especially basketball and football. He also enjoys cooking and video games. Augie is open to learning new activities with his Big Brother.

If you feel you could mentor Augie or another little, call 928.778.5135.
Written by: Lisa Sahady

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