Match of the Month: Gavin & Gary

TGavin & Gary maino hear about the impact a Big Brother can have on a child is completely different than actually seeing this impact firsthand. You can change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever!

Gavin and Gary have been matched through Yavapai Big Brothers Bigs Sisters since April of 2010. Gary’s family is often involved with the match. Gavin lost his father at a young age and was being raised by his mother. Gavin was in need of a positive male role model who could help him maneuver through the middle and high school years.

Gary knows the importance of mentorship; he was a Little himself. Gary first became a Big Brother when he was in high school. Gary and his wife Chris wanted to include their children in a match and made the decision to become a Big Family. Gary and Chris wanted to include a child in their family outings, which mainly consisted of being outdoors and active. Gavin was a perfect fit as he enjoyed sports and being active.

Gavin has created a great friendship with Gary and his family. They have a lighthearted, easy going relationship that will last long after Gavin graduates high school. Gary supports Gavin’s athletic endeavors by attending his sporting events. Gavin thinks Gary is the best and trusts him completely. As for Gary he has watched Gavin grow into an intelligent, focused young man.

Giving 8 hours a month to a child in need can be the best component for that child’s future success. To learn more about how you can change a child’s life through Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, please call 778.5135.

Written By: Lisa Sahady

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