Child of the Week: Bryan

BryanA positive role model can truly make the biggest difference in a child’s life. You can help eliminate the stress and difficulties in a child’s life by simply offering your friendship.

Meet Bryan is a 12-year-old with good social skills and a need to beactive. Due to ongoing family turmoil, Bryan lives with his grandparents and older brother. Adversity has been a factor for most of Bryan’s life, but having a positive Big Brother in his life could help him grow into the successful man he wants to be.

Bryan admits that he is not crazy about school, but does enjoy PE class and being a member of the school choir. Bryan has friends at school that he enjoys hanging out with. Bryan plays videos games in his free time. He would like to go hiking, but is limited in opportunities where he currently lives. Bryan needs a Big Brother who will take him out and encourage him to try new things.

Eight hours a month is all that is needed to change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever! Children in Yavapai County who are facing adversity are in need of a positive role model to lean on for support. Your commitment to a child is the biggest factor in them determining which path to take in life. Research shows that Boys matched with Bigs in our area are 53% less likely to be arrested. To learn more about becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Family, or Big Couple, please call 778.5135.

Written by Lisa Sahady

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