Child of the Week: Georgia


GeorgiaMaking an impact on a child’s life is as simple as spending eight hours a month with a child and having an extra seatbelt.

Meet Georgia, an inquisitive seven year old who is curious about the world around her. Georgia lives with her single mother and her grandparents. Georgia’s mother describes her as outgoing and talkative. Georgia likes to be active and participates in a weekly dance class as well as Girl Scouts. She is also learning how to play tennis.

Georgia enjoys school, she has many friends. She states Science is her favorite class and she is “really good at doing science experiments”. She hopes to be a veterinarian or an artist when she grows up. Georgia loves animals, but also wants to help others. Georgia is an outgoing, fun girl who would be best matched with a creative and active Big Sister. Georgia will engage in a variety of activities with a Big including arts and crafts, singing, talking walks, and learning about nature.

What if your time gave a child hope? What if your support gave a child the courage to achieve more? The rewards you receive as a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family go far beyond the 8 hours a month you spend with a child. To learn how you can change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever, call 778.5135.

Written by Lisa Sahady

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