Prescott Valley Child of the Week: Blake

Blake_webIsn’t it amazing how much of a difference one person can make? From being an inspiration to simply being a friend, the opportunity to change a life is just a phone call away. Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters all share one common quality, the passion to make a difference.

Meet Blake, an energetic 7 year old. Blake currently lives with his grandparents, mother, and older brother. Blake loves playing with his toys and going to the park. Blake is easy to get along with and enjoys making new friends. He enjoys a wide variety of activities that include baseball, soccer, football, dancing, and building with Legos. His mom states “He stole the show at a family wedding because he was break dancing all night!”

Blake likes school but has his struggles in school. He finds it difficult to focus and sit still. Blake states that he does not like to see other children being bullied. He will not hesitate to stand up for others who are being treated unfairly. Blake would like his future Big Brother to know that he really likes making new friends. Blake needs a Big with energy to keep up with him physically and imaginatively.

If you are worried with the amount of time it takes to be a Big, don’t be! 8 hours a month is all you need to impact a child’s life. By simply incorporating them into your schedule, you can give a child the value of positive friendship. Join an organization that requires no cost, little time, and matches you with a child based on your interests. To learn more about Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters please call our office at 928.778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook.

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