Prescott Valley child of the Week: Cody

Cody-webA sad reality exists within our close-knit Yavapai County community. Children are facing adverse life circumstances every day. Big Brothers are in very high demand due to more and more boys facing adversity at an early age.

Meet Cody, an 11 year old boy who loves to be active. He plays in a youth football league that helps him stay active and be part of a team. Although Cody struggles with Language Arts class in school he has a goal to make straight A’s throughout school and college. Cody has dreams of being a fire fighter, professional football player, or video game designer when he grows up. Cody is eager to have a Big Brother in his life that he can do “guy stuff” with.

Cody lives with his mother and two sisters. He states family is most important to him because he understands he is now the only man in the house and feels the need to take care of his mom and other two sisters. Cody has a strong sense of responsibility and respect for others.

Being a Big Brother and mentoring a young boy is as simple as giving 8 hours a month. That 8 hours a month can ultimately shape a boy in need into a successful and caring man, making an impact Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever. The results have proven to be powerful in changing the lives of thousands of children in the past, but the children of the future have yet to experience these positive results. Experience the fun of mentoring by calling 778.5135, visit us at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook at Yavapai Bigbrothers Bigsisters.

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