Chino Valley Child of the Week: Caden

Caden-webYour friendship can truly change a child’s life! Thousands of current and previous matches have seen the power of what 8 hours a month can do for a child.

Meet Caden, a fun-loving 9 year old boy who needs a Big Brother who likes to be active and outdoors.  Caden lives with his single mother and younger brother, and does not have a consistent male role model present in his life. Caden enjoys school, especially reading and history. Having a consistent male role model in his life will further encourage Caden to do well in school.

Caden enjoys riding his bike, drawing, and playing with his dog. One activity Caden would like to try is kayaking, because “it sounds fun”. Caden has dreams of being a NFL quarterback or a train engineer when he grow up. Caden’s mom is proud of his attitude towards school. He completes his homework before going outside to play and often does not need to be reminded to do so.

There are over 100 children in the Quad-City area in need of Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family. Do you have 8 hours a month, and an extra seatbelt in the car? If so, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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