Child of the Week: Caleb

Caleb-Nienstedt-webBecome a Big Brother, be a friend to a boy in need, and open his eyes to a world unseen.

Meet Caleb, an 11 year old boy with an intellectual spirit that sets him apart from many of his peers. Caleb has faced a lot of adversity in his life and needs someone to have fun with, let him know he is important, and be there for him. Having a Big Brother who can show him the exciting opportunities that lie beyond his comfort zone of video games can truly open new doors in Caleb’s life.

Caleb does very well in school, excelling in math, geology, and chemistry. An avid reader of fantasy novels, Caleb also enjoys swimming, camping, collecting rocks, listening to music, and playing chess. He is not too familiar with sports, but does have a general interest in golf. All in all, Caleb is a good-natured boy who could truly benefit from exploring the outdoors with a Big Brother.

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