Child of the Week: Destiny

Destiny-Clevenger-web2Positivity is the greatest gift a child can receive. This statement is even more true when referring to a child in serious need. 8 hours a month is all it takes to change a child’s life!

Meet Destiny, a 9 year old girl who wants her Big to know that she is an A+ student with a “wide open” personality. Destiny lives with her mother, older sister, and younger brother, but does not have contact with her biological father. Due to this harsh reality, Destiny could truly benefit from a Big Family or Big Couple willing to integrate her into their lives a mere 2 to 4 times per month.

An excellent student with a passion for reading books about whales, Destiny also enjoys roller skating, going to the movies, playing music, playing board games, horseback riding, playing soccer and much more. In fact, one Destiny’s goals is to win a soccer trophy! Others describe Destiny as a social butterfly who meshes well with others. When she grows up she would like to become a fashion designer or a waitress.

Together, your family can change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever! By spending 8 hours a month with a Little facing adversity, you are promoting positivity where negativity is often found. Simple family activities such as hiking, going to the movies, and playing outside can make the largest impact on a child in dire need. To Learn more the impact you can make by becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Family, or Big Couple, please call 778.5135, visit, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook.

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