Match of the Week: Israel & David

Israel-Castruita-&-Dave-webSimple acts of kindness can go a long ways toward helping someone achieve success, but this is even more true with a child. This Match of the Week has fully witnessed the power of positive mentorship, and continue to watch it grow today.
Dave and Israel have been matched through Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters since November of 2013. Due to no contact with his father, Israel need a Big Brother to do “guy things” with and to fill the need of a positive male role model in his life. Dave, a retired teacher, loves to help kids and saw he could make a massive impact by simply becoming a Big Brother. Ultimately, these two became great friends in a very short time, and it all started with Dave saying YES to help a child in need!

Since the match began, others have noticed great improvements in Israel’s approach towards school as well as other things in his life; Israel smiles a lot more! After each outing, Israel comes home very happy and excited for the adventure with his Big Brother. Along with keeping an upbeat attitude, he has also joined the football team and has become more social. Dave truly enjoys his match with Israel, and has witnessed his Little’s change firsthand.
These two see each other every Wednesday after school. Dave and Israel go hiking, mini-golfing, kite flying, play computer games, and fly remote control planes. Israel says, “I really like going out with Dave and doing things. He is really fun.” Dave stated, “I feel close to Israel, and am enjoying the experience of being a Big.”

The only thing needed to change a child’s life is saying the word “YES”. That one word can determine a child’s success down the road. 8 hours a month is all you need to give to receive the ultimate rewards. To learn more about becoming a Big please call 778.5135, visit us at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook.

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