Match of the Week: Gaven & Conrad

Gaven-Conrad-&-Jeff-webTo hear about the impact a Big Brother can have on a child is completely different than actually seeing this impact firsthand. You can change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever!
Gaven and Jeff have been an official match through Yavapai Big Brothers Bigs Sisters since August of 2014. Due to the separation of his parents, Gaven needed a caring and supportive male role model in his life, particularly one willing to take him out and have fun together. This request for a positive male role model was definitely met when Jeff entered Gaven’s life.

Jeff, a college student learning helicopter flight at Yavapai College, became a Big Brother due to positive past experiences, and a passion for helping others. As a child, Jeff looked up to his older brothers and other adult figures the most, and respected the influence they had on his life. This compelled him to commit a simple 8 hours a month to a child in need, ultimately shaping this outstanding match and friendship.

The time these two have spent together has drastically improved Gaven’s life and outlook on things. These two go swimming, kayaking, to the dog park, and attend YBBBS Events such as the annual September picnic. Jeff says his Little Brother is very smart, and naturally gifted at sports. Jeff is currently teaching his Little how to play the guitar.
“Me and Gaven will stay in touch forever,” says Big Brother Jeff. Gaven’s mother is extremely grateful that Jeff came into their lives and has even said, “Jeff is the best Big, and Gaven is so happy to be with him.” Since being matched, Gaven is doing much better in school. Others believe Gaven’s success in school is due in part to the impact his Big Brother has on him.

Giving 8 hours a month to a child in need can be the best component for that child’s future success. To learn more about how you can change a child’s life through Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, please call 778.5135, visit, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook

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