Match of the Month: Manuel & Justin

Manuel-and-Justin_webManuel and Justin were matched in October of 2013. Both boys loved to play sports such as football and baseball, while also sharing a love for fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. Their match began at Del Rio Elementary as high school site program match, but once Justin graduated he decided to extend their relationship into a Community Match. Due to extreme hardships in his past, Manuel needed a Big Brother who was patient and willing to be there for him when needed. “You really can’t understand what it’s like to be a Big Brother until you actually do it,” said Justin.

These two have become great friends. “I thought I was too busy, but then I realized I was just using that as an excuse”, said Manuel’s Big Brother, “Once I signed up to become a Big Brother I found that the time is minimal and the rewards you get from watching a kid grow are priceless.” The two go to the movies, go fishing on the Justin’s boat, have campfires in the woods, play at the park, and attend Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters events. Manuel has become much more caring towards people, and even volunteered at the Humane Society. He does better in school, and is better around his peers. “I wish more guys would be Big Brothers, because you can make the biggest impact through the simplest of deeds, just by being a friend to a boy who needs it and having fun!” stated Justin.

Male Bigs are in high demand all over the Tri-city area. In fact, for every girl in need of a Big Sister, there are at least 2 boys in need of a Big Brother. What’s more, for every man who volunteers, there are at least two women who volunteer. We need men! To learn more about becoming a Big Brother, Big Couple, or Big Family, please call 928.778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook.

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