Child of the Week: James

James-Means-cropped_webA child without direction is like a train without tracks. All the potential inside that engine goes to waste if there is no way to steer it. Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters have steered thousands of children in the right direction, helping them move forward and see beyond their situations. Become a Big Brother, be a friend to a boy in need, and open his eyes to a world unseen.

Meet James, a humorous 8 year old boy with a unique set of interests and an itch to travel the world. James has experienced a great deal of adversity in his life, and could truly benefit from a positive male role model. Others describe this young character as witty, enthusiastic, and entertaining.

James loves to collect rocks! Along with being a chatter box, James is also a great listener. One of his most distinctive traits is the ability to make friends and retain relationships. James hopes to engage in conversation, exploration, and adventure with his Big Brother, and is open to trying anything adventurous and exciting.

Every child holds a story that makes him special. You can be the adult friend that steers a boy to his fullest potential. Big Brothers are in high demand, but you can also mentor a young boy as a Couples match or a Big Family. To learn more about becoming a Big, please call our office at 928.778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook.

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