Match of the Week: David and Rusty

David and Rusty croppedAt Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, we focus on giving hope where little is to be found. This hope is subtle but effective, and is only offered through the compassion of an adult mentor who strives to make a difference. Stories frequently surface of children in need and at-risk; in particular, young boys who search for direction but are merely caught in chaos. We can assure you that a small portion of your time will help a young man see the future.

A match is something that is built on a foundation. David and Rusty’s journey together began about a year and half ago. David lacked a functioning male role model before Rusty entered his life. The two shared an intense interest in cars, but this friendship quickly became more than just an automotive addiction. Rusty, an energetic man who enjoys hiking, fishing, movies, and car races, began taking David to movies and restaurants, as well as the barber shop and car shows.

Now, the two have developed a great friendship. Rusty even helped David get admitted into a highly regarded school, and is a major contributor to his school efforts. Due to his Big’s generous efforts, David now enjoys his school atmosphere very much. They enjoy playing basketball and David has even been taught a gun safety course.

For over 43 years, Big Brothers have been in high demand, but our need for male mentors is higher than ever. To learn more about being a Big, please call 928.778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Friend’ us on Facebook. If 8 hours a month was all it took to change a young boy’s life, would you do it?

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