Who we are

‘The Women of Influence’

“It’s all about our children. The impact must be Big, Bold, Fierce and Powerful.”

Mission: To be the positive catalyst for change in the lives of the children of Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters by garnering support for the agency through community engagement and collaboration with other local organizations.

How do we get it done?

- Tapping into the most POWERFUL voice in Philanthropy:


- Mobilize the power of our community’s women to match the children “looking in the window” of Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters, waiting for their very own Big Brother or Big Sister.

- Connect us to potential Big Sisters and Big Brothers in our community.

Will You Join Me?

Honorary Chair
Dr. Billie Orr

Woman of Distinction
De Dolan

Women of Influence for the Next Generations

Tina Newman, Chair

Veronica Aguilera
Lesley Alward
Debra Andrews
Isabel Arnone
Debbie Ayers
Heidi Bird
Rakini Chinery
Whitney Cruz
Toni Denis
Darla DeVille
Emily Dolan
Teri Drew
Becky Eilers
Maureen Erickson
Kristy Everson
Rebecca Finken
Cam Furman
Bridget Gaughan
Rachel German
Tammi Gisi
Chelly Herren
Breeanya Hinkel
Tiphani Hinshaw
Tracy Homer
Hope Hyland
Rita Kavanaugh
Tammi Kumpmiller
Elizabeth Leite
Wendy Lippman
Jan Manolis
Meghan McAnally
Terri Monksfield
Krystal Moody
Kathy Morrow
Sara Murray
Kathleen Murphy
Lisa Murphy
Sara Jane Nelson
Billie Orr
Jodi Padgett
Veronica Phillips
Ashley Rhodes
Danell Riggs
Karen Schultz
Aimee Shah
Michelle Shaw
Kathy Sischka
Mattie Smith
Margaret Travers
Terry Vaughan
Cody Anne Yarnes

In Memoriam
Kathleen Kelly

Women in Philanthropy are Unstoppable!

• Women are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. economy

• Women are starting businesses at 2 times the rate of men and women of color, 6 times the rate of men

• Women control 83% of all checkbooks in America

• Women are responsible for purchasing 85% to 95% of all goods and services sold in the U.S. This amounts to over $7 trillion!

• Women control 51% of the Stock Exchange

• Women control 60% of the nation’s wealth ($14 trillion)

• 60% of all graduates in higher education are women

• $130 trillion will transfer from one generation to the next over the next decade. Women will inherit this wealth as they live 4.8 years longer than men

• The reason women have not given? NO ONE ASKED!

• Women are transforming charitable giving globally

Women control 83% of the checkbooks in America
Women control 60% of the nations wealth
Of all graduates in higher education are women
Women control 51% of the Stock Exchange

April Membership Gathering

The Women of Influence met April 24, 2018, at BBVA Compass for a membership gathering.