Little Sister spends day as a firefighter

She exudes confidence climbing the ladder to the top of the fire truck. She puts all of her fitness behind pulling the heavy fire hose off the truck and across the parking lot. She’s pretty sure this is what she wants to dedicate her life to.

Little Sister Annie, 16, recently spent a day with the Prescott Fire and Medical staff of Station 71, learning about the life of a firefighter.

“It’s something I’ve thought about since I was little,” said Annie.

Her mother, Amoré Cianciola, shares that Annie has a big heart and has always wanted to serve, even as a small girl, she’d make sure the dog on the sidewalk outside the café had water.

She’s considered a career in community service as a police officer, teacher or nurse. “Growing up in our desert community and the prevalence of wild fires in our area has strengthened her resolve to serve and she has decided that she will do so by being a firefighter,” said Amoré.

Annie is matched with Big Sister Susan and they are getting ready to celebrate eight years!

“When I first signed up for Annie to get a Big, I was a single mom trying to break out of the shift work grind and I recognized that Annie needed an outside network to help maneuver through life and the coming teen years. A person that is exclusively yours to act as a sounding board while trying to navigate growing up to is so important. Susan helped fill this role for her,” said Amoré.

Thank you to Big Brother Chief Dennis Light and Capt. Nate Seets for providing a Little Sister this opportunity.

“My crew and I sure enjoyed Annie’s visit and we hope that she enjoyed her ride-a-long with us and the small glimpse into the day of a firefighter,” said Seets.

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