Child of the Week: Cameron

CameronWSCameron may be new to Prescott, but he already knows his way around, thanks to being a bicycle enthusiast. He rides to the skatepark near his home and to the courthouse square nearly every day. And although this 12-year-old can “get air” on the bike, he is cautious and courteous – wearing a helmet and carefully checking for traffic and pedestrians.

A former BMX racer, Cameron saw the Whiskey Off Road bicycle race soon after he moved to the city in April, but was too late to enter. A Big Brother with whom he could go mountain biking is one of his wishes and who knows? Maybe they could enter competitions together. Or at least his Big could cheer him on.

Cameron spent several weeks this summer with his father in California. But he lives with his mother, and, every other week, a younger half-brother, on one of Prescott’s historic streets. He also has a younger half-sister. He says, “I am the big brother. I’m ready for a Big Brother.”

Now a seventh-grader, Cameron also likes to play video games such as Minecraft, Black Ops and Call of Duty. Playing alone isn’t as much fun as playing with other people, though, so he hopes a Big Brother might be interested in the same action games. He also likes to read, especially chapter-style comic books, and James Patterson’s young adult series.

A creative young man, Cameron doesn’t worry about losing instructions to his LEGO sets. He designed a mansion on his own, along with other constructions. He’s a creative cook, as well. Just ask his mom about the “Yummy Goodness” breakfast entrée.

Cameron, who aspires to become a Navy SEAL, recently joined the Young Marines. He is learning gun safety and wouldn’t mind if a Big Brother was interested in target shooting. He also is ready to try kayaking, canoeing and fishing.

His mom says she approached Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters because, “I want a positive male figure to show Cameron there’s more to life than what he knows right now.”

If that sounds like you, call Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-778-5135, or visit Use the same information to refer a Little. Or, if you can’t be a Big, how about supporting a Big? The Arizona State Tax Credit is one way. YBBBS always can use volunteer office help and has other ways people can be involved, as well. Don’t hesitate – call today. You’ll be glad you did.

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