Child of the Week: Johnny

JohnnyWSYou expect a seven-year-old to have boundless energy, and Johnny lives up to expectations. With two dogs and three cats, there’s plenty of action at Johnny’s house, and he supplies a lot of it himself.

Johnny lives with his mother and older sister in Prescott Valley. His mom earns their living by doing social work that requires long and sometimes odd hours and phone calls which often interrupt their family time. Five grown half-siblings live in California. His dad is out of the picture for awhile and Johnny needs a Big Brother to do guy stuff with. Johnny’s mom says, “He’s really ready to do anything.”

Football is one of Johnny’s favorite things. He likes playing it and also going to games. It doesn’t matter if it is high school or professional, the second-grader’s into cheering on the athletes battling it out on the gridiron.

He swings a mean baseball bat, too. Just like New Yorkers playing stickball, he and his buddies put bases on the quiet street of their subdivision and give way when a car needs to pass through.

Like any modern boy, Johnny likes video games ‒ his favorite is Stick Man ‒ and LEGOs, of course. He built an elaborate set of Jurassic World using 1,156 pieces to create buildings, dinosaurs and even a helicopter pad complete with chopper. A Big Brother could explore the history of dinosaurs with him and help him expand the fictional dinosaur site.

Anyone interested in being a Big to Johnny or another child, or in referring a potential Little, can call Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters at 928-778-5135, or if you can’t be a Big, how about supporting a Big? The Arizona State Tax Credit is one way to do so. YBBBS always can use volunteer office help and has other ways people can be involved, as well. Go ahead and call. The rewards can be endless.

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