Child of the Week: Jazmine

JazminimgWhen you look into a child’s eyes you can see a glimmer of hope. Children are dreamers, who can achieve whatever they want with a little help. Giving 8 hours a month can turn a child’s dream into reality.
Meet Jazmine, a thoughtful 14 year old. Jazmine lives with her family, including a sister with special needs. Jazmine’s mom describes her as confident, loving, a friend to everyone, and a great big sister. Jazmine needs a Big Sister who will encourage her and just let her be a teenage girl.
Jazmine does well in school with history being her favorite class. She also has enjoyed learning more about our government. Her least favorite subjects are spelling and math. Jazmine has a goal of going ot college and getting a good education. She would like to be a historian when she grows up and work in a museum or working with animals.
Simple things such as taking a kid fishing, going to the movies, or just talking with a child like Jazmine can positively influence that child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever! There are over 100 waiting Littles in Yavapai County in need of a Big Brother, Big Couple, or Big Family. Change a child’s life by calling 778-5135 or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

Written by: Lisa Sahady

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