Child of the Week: Jayden

JaydenimageA child without direction is like a train without tracks. All the potential inside that engine goes to waste if there is no way to steer it. Yavapai Big Brothers and Big Sisters have steered thousands of children in the right direction, helping them move forward and see beyond their situations. Become a Big Brother, be a friend to a boy in need, and open his eyes to a world unseen.Meet Jayden, an outgoing 10 year old boy with a unique set of interests. Jayden lives with his mom and needs a Big Brother who can do “guy stuff” with him. Jayden has a wide array of interests. He loves robotics and trains. He wishes he could give others a train set so they can enjoy this hobby. He also enjoys hiking, soccer, baseball, and football. Jayden likes to golf and even has his own set of clubs. He is active with his swim team during the week as well.

Jayden has aspirations of attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and then entering the military. He would like make the world a cleaner place when he is an adult. Jayden does well in school earning good grades. He has even received recognition for his citizenship at school. Jayden is a fun and interesting boy that shows interest in many areas of life. He needs an encouraging hand to continue exploring his world.

Every child holds a story that makes him special. You can be the adult friend that steers a boy to his fullest potential. To learn more about becoming a Big, please call our office at 928.778.5135.

Written by: Lisa Sahady

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