Prescott Child of the Week: Joni

JoniwebBig Brothers, Big Sisters, Big Couples, and Big Families are needed to mentor children. 8 hours a month can truly change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever.

Meet Joni, a 12 year old girl who needs a special Big Sister to have fun and spend time with. Joni lives with her single mother and two siblings. Joni is described as truthful, direct, and steadfast in her convictions. Joni has a strong sense of right and wrong and will avidly discuss her thoughts and reasoning. She is also very compassionate and will stick up for her siblings.

Joni enjoys being physically active. She plays soccer and is involved with the Girl Scouts. Joni is a self proclaimed tomboy and not a “girlie girl”. A Big Sister who does not mind getting a little dirty would be a great fit for Joni. Joni struggles with her academics, math and reading are difficult for her. She strives to do the best she can in school and her mom states she is doing better this year. A little encouragement goes a long way for a child.

Every child holds a unique story. Joni needs someone to have fun with and let her know she is important. There are over 100 children in Yavapai County in need of a Bigs. To learn more about becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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