Child of the Week: Marlena

Marlena Cardona croppedFriendship is a crucial piece in a child’s life. Your friendship can promote positivity, and make a fundamental difference through fun and influential activities.

Meet Marlena, an especially caring 8 year old girl who likes to play baseball, listen to music, and dance. Marlena’s father isn’t involved in her life, and she doesn’t get as much quality time with her mom due to a hectic work and college schedule. A Big Sister can truly make an impact in Marlena’s life, and help propel her closer towards her dream of becoming a dancer when she grows up.

Marlena is the kind of girl that enjoys playing dress-up and painting fingernails, but she is open to trying almost anything as long as it gets her out of the house. She does exceptionally well in school, and even tutors her peers after she completes her work. Family is very important to Marlena, and she “loves hard” when someone is important to her.

This compassionate 8 year old girl is one of nearly 200 children waiting for someone to give them 8 hours a month. To learn how simple deeds such as listening to music and painting fingernails can change a child’s life, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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