Child of the Week: Keira

keira-webThis week’s featured child was previously matched to a Big Sister, but her match unfortunately ended. She was featured in December of 2013 as a Child of the Week, and looks to be matched once again to a caring, supportive, and fun-loving Big Sister.

Meet Keira, an ambitious 14 year old girl whose skills range from computer coding to taking care of animals. Despite adverse family challenges in her life, Keira has developed an amazing ability to move on and keep pushing forward. She is an outstanding artist whose pieces draw the attention of many, and simply needs a Big Sister to help her grow throughout her high school years.

Keira is considered a leader among her peers, and has mentored through school tutoring sessions as well as the Prescott Area Leadership program. A child whose attitude stays cheerful, Keira loves cats, museums, anime, socializing, writing, and helping others. One of her strongest attributes is the ability to resolve almost any technical issue. When Keira grows up she would like to become a marine biologist, because animals are one of her greatest passions.

What if 8 hours a month and an extra seatbelt in your car could change a child’s life? By simply offering your friendship, you can dramatically impact the future! To begin a fun and meaningful relationship, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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