Match of the Month: Norm and Dalton

Dalton-&-Norm-webTo many, the number 21 is seen as a coming of age, a time to fully cross into adulthood carrying a new set of freedoms. However, for Norm that number holds even greater significance, because 21 years ago he decided to become a Big Brother and change the life of an at-risk boy. Little did he know he would directly impact the lives of 8 at-risk boys, and make drastic contributions to his community through helping others.

Norm has seen several of his past Littles grow into successful men, so he knew the power of 8 hours a month when he met his current Little, Dalton. These two have been matched through Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters since July of 2014. Prior to being matched with Norm, Dalton lacked the positive support of a father figure. Norm became that special missing puzzle piece, and filled the void left in his Little’s life as a consistent male role model.

Once a week, these two get together to embark on another adventure. Fishing, camping, golfing, swimming, and basketball are just of few of the activities they have enjoyed together. After a recent camping trip with his Big, Dalton told his mother, “I now understand why playing too many video games is a waste of time, because there are so many other fun things to do with my time.”

Nearly a year has passed since their friendship first took root, yet Norm and Dalton’s relationship continues to grow stronger each day. Norm has taught Dalton how to come into his own, and has shown him the meaning of true friendship. Even when the fish aren’t biting, these two friends have a great time together!

Friendship is a critical piece in a child’s life. Research proves that boys’ ages 14-17 matched to a Big Brother are 53% less likely to be arrested than all other boys in the same age group. To learn how you can change a child’s life as a Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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