Prescott Child of the Week: Micah

Micah-Hillman-webThis world can be harsh, but you can make a world of difference in a child’s life. 8 hours a month can equal a lifetime of greater possibilities.

Meet Micah, a good-natured 8 year old boy who wants to expand on his athletic ability and become a famous football player when he grows up. Micah does not have a consistent male role model in his life, so doing “guy things” 2-4 times a month with a Big Brother can truly give him the confidence to achieve success. Micah is a smart and outgoing child, who is recognized as everybody’s friend.

A social and energetic boy with limitless potential, Micah enjoys playing baseball, going to the skate park, swimming, playing tennis, riding his bike, and of course football. He is musically gifted and finds enjoyment through spending time with his friends and family. Micah would like his Big Brother to be cool, funny, and athletic.

There are nearly 500 Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Big Couples, and Big Families who are actively making a difference in a child’s life. However, the need for more volunteers grows higher each passing day. If 8 hours a month could help a child reach his dreams, would you give it? To learn how you change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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