Prescott Child of the Week: Kelvin

Kelvin-S-web8 hours a month to a child in need can equal greater possibilities.

Meet Kelvin, an electric 11 year old girl who is full of energy and life, but also exhibits the ambition and maturity of a young adult. Due to an unfortunate family incarceration, Kelvin needs a Big Sister to have fun with and let her know she is important.  4-wheeling, going to the movies, playing basketball, listening to music, doing arts and crafts, and camping are among Kelvin’s many interests.

Kelvin says, “I can be very girly, but don’t care if I get dirty while playing outside. “ She is also a thrill seeker who enjoys soaring heights and crazy roller coasters. Kelvin often worries about her future, but works hard to get good grades so she can have a great job, life, and future. In fact, she has her sights set on becoming a doctor or veterinarian when she grows up, as helping people is one of her main goals in life.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters, Big Couples, and Big Families are needed to mentor at-risk children! Kelvin is a very special child, who simply wants someone to have fun and spend time with. She is also one of our 200 waiting Littles in need of a Big. To learn how you can change a child’s life Fundamentally. For the Better. Forever, call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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