Child of the Week: Dominic

Dominic-Enguita-webYour friendship can truly change a child’s life! Thousands of current and previous matches have seen the power of 8 hours, but hundreds of waiting children have yet to experience this sense of hope!

Meet Dominic, a compassionate 9 year old boy who needs a Big Brother to let him know that he is important, and deserves a chance to have fun! Dominic lives with his Grandmother, and does not have a consistent male role model present in his life. Spending a mere 8 hours a month with a Big Brother could truly lead Dominic down a successful path in life.

An outdoorsy child with a big imagination, Dominic loves to play in the creek that runs behind his house. He also enjoys karate, soccer, basketball, Physical Education, and going to the Zoo. He likes trying new things, and wants to learn how to play the guitar. Dominic would love to bring back all of the extinct animals from pre-historic times.

There are nearly 200 children in the Tri-City area in need of Big Brother, Big Sister, Big Couple, or Big Family. Do you have 8 hours a month, and an extra seatbelt in the car? If so, please call 778.5135, visit our website at, or ‘Like’ us on Facebook.

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