Child of the Week: April


Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters is seeking adult volunteers to mentor children in our community. Boys who are matched to a Big Brother are 53% less likely to be arrested than all other boys (14-17) – our volunteers make a huge difference not only in children’s lives, but in taxpayer savings. These ‘at-hope’ (as opposed to ‘at-risk’) children need parents and other caring adults to set high expectations and to provide opportunities in order for them to be successful. All children are capable of success – and there are no exceptions. It is our job as community members to find a way to support all children in our community.


April is a kind hearted 16 year old who goes to Prescott High School and lives in Prescott with her mother. She loves outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and playing softball, and she enjoys listening to music. Her mother is on disability and goes to dialysis multiple times a week so it is hard for her to get out to do much with April. April needs an awesome positive role model to get her out of the house and give her opportunities to do fun things out in the community that she wouldn’t have otherwise.  She is a very sweet, quiet girl who could really benefit from a Big Sister!


If you are ready to step up and mentor April or another child, and to join our elite and impactful group of Bigs, contact YBBBS at 778-5135 or go to for more information. This month, the YBBBS office celebrates being fully staffed for the first time in five years. Our staff is eager to help you determine if you would be suited for a one-on-one, couple, family, or school-based match.

Child of the Week – April

Prescott Daily Courier

Submitted 8/6/14 to Run 8/8/14

Written by Jill Anderson

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